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Partnership & Succession Planning


Launching your own accounting or bookkeeping firm can be challenging. You're leaving the security of working for a larger company, a regular salary and an assigned client base, to start fresh with no support around you.

The good news is it doesn't need to be that scary. Carbon Group's Partnership & Succession Planning pathway could be the answer.

Our mission is to connect the next generation of professionals with those ready to leave the industry, whether that be to retire, or it’s time to move on to the next challenge.

Carbon Group has grown exponentially over the years, and this is largely due to successfully executing mergers and acquisitions. We’re excited to continue with this strategy and invite you to become part of our journey.


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Path to Partnership

Working as an employee in a large professional services firm certainly has its perks. Guaranteed income, a team to support you, paid leave and the excitement of being part of something big. But how many times have you dreamt of going off on your own and starting your own business? The flexible work hours, being your own boss, taking a holiday whenever you like, and the potential to earn an uncapped income whilst building equity for yourself?

With Carbon Group, you can have your cake and eat it too!

We are looking for high-performing accountants and bookkeepers ready to take the next step in their career journey by building a successful business under the Carbon brand. Have you always wanted to go out on your own but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have already taken the leap in to business ownership and would like to accelerate your growth.

Partnering with Carbon Group is the support you need to achieve your goals.

We’ve become known as a preferred buyer for accounting and bookkeeping businesses across Australia, which means there are times when we have exciting opportunities for new and upcoming partners to take on the reigns from retiring or exiting principals. Once you have proven yourself, we will partner with you 50/50 to acquire these clients. Why wait 12-18 months to build your business to capacity when you can hit the ground running with an existing client base.


Establish your personal brand and practice under the well-known and award-winning Carbon brand. Use our collateral to promote your business!

Processes that work

We've refined our systems to make life easier for future partners. We'll teach you how we operate - knowledge you can take to your new practice.

Shared office space

Occupy a desk in our dynamic work environment for the chance to be surrounded by other professionals you can share high-five moments with.

Full service offering

Go to market with Carbon's full suite of services, including finance, insurance, payroll and grants. This is a major value-add for your clients.

Feel like you'd be a good fit? 

Why wait any longer to turn your dream of becoming a business owner into a reality. With the support of Carbon Group, you could start kicking goals quicker than you realised.

Succession Planning

You’ve worked hard to build your business and perhaps it’s time to retire within the next few years, or your circumstances have changed which means you cannot fully commit to your business anymore. Alternatively, you’ve been focusing on providing exceptional client service which means you haven’t had the time to keep up with the ever-changing technology and systems. Whatever the reason, you’ve made the difficult decision to sell your business.

We understand that it’s taken hard work to get where you are and you’ve built a strong relationship with your client base, so understandably you want to know that your clients will be looked after well into the future.

You've come to the right place!

Here at Carbon Group, we have a national network of local business professionals ready to assist you with your succession plan. Our team are experienced in guiding local business owners like yourself through the journey of succession, ensuring a smooth transition every step of the way. You might be one, three, five, or even 10 years away from fully letting go, but let’s catch up to start locking in a plan for the future now.

Here at Carbon Group, we’re flexible with how we can help, as we understand that every business is different and every business owner has their preferences.

We can help you in several ways:

Carbon investment

We could make a small or medium sized investment in your practice (10-50%). You could use this to grow your practice, or take it off the table and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Sourcing or introducing

We’ll introduce you to potential partners who you can transition your client relationships to over your horizon, and we will work with you to understand what this looks like for you.

Relax, with Carbon

Know your clients will eventually be serviced by Carbon Group, with local partners and multiple services, reducing the risk of transitioning your business to a single operator.

money 2-primary
Guaranteed payment

If certain outcomes are met over the transition horizon (such as system adoption which we'll help facilitate) then you will lock in an attractive rate for your business at retirement or exit date.

Ready to start the conversation about your succession plan?

If you’re exhausted from talking to potential candidates who aren’t quite the right fit or don’t have the full capabilities you feel required to look after your client base as part of your succession plan, it’s time to chat to Carbon Group.

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Who are Carbon Group?

Carbon Group is an award-winning accounting and financial services firm that is all about passion and people. The guidance we give creates happier business owners with better lives based on understanding and control. The people we work with tend to sleep better at night than most business owners.

Carbon Group’s financial people are here for progressive business people who are just getting started, and for established business owners who are still hungry for growth. We're always on the lookout for new additions to the Carbon network.

Carbon Group was launched in 2014 by Jamie Davison and Nathan Hood, who shared a passion for business and helping business owners succeed. With their combined experience across bookkeeping and accounting, and their personal experience as entrepreneurs having each run their own business, Carbon Group has continued to go from strength to strength. You can read more about our history here.

Meet our Co-Founders.

Jamie Davison

Jamie Davison CPA


Prior to launching Carbon Group, Jamie ran a successful bookkeeping firm, Fortuna Bravado. As a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), Jamie has an advantage over other bookkeepers and could offer a different service.

Jamie now heads up the Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO services team nationally, a complete change from when he started as one-man band working from a spare room at home.

Jamie spends his time as a board member for multiple tech start-ups, an international F&B business and an emerging pharmaceutical business, and is a board member for Perth Angel Investors.

Nathan Hood

Nathan Hood CPA


Nathan first bought into an accounting firm, Sterling Accountants, at age 23, and was instantly hit with a series of challenges when the retiring partner took all his clients only 18 months later. With entrepreneurial spirit and hard work, Nathan re-built the business.

Nathan leads our Accounting & Tax division, which is the largest in the business. Specialising in business structing, growth strategies, tax minimisation and advisory, Nathan's passion lies in helping his client's succeed.

Nathan dedicates time to give back to both the business world and community. He is a board member of Entrepreneurs Organisation and Life Ready.

What those who have joined Carbon Group are saying

"One of the originals at Sterling Accountants, I’ve been a partner at Carbon Accounting since we launched in 2014. The journey has been amazing, and that is due to being in a business with like-minded individuals. It’s a fun, energetic environment to work in, sharing the focus of challenging the norm and our industry to give better results to our clients. The support network and culture we have built at Carbon is like no other. It’s an amazing company to be part of."

Steve Wai

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